10 awesome reasons to choose a life of travel

by Tanja

A life of travel is one of the most exciting and interesting things that can happen to every one of us. While travelling you will learn more than what a book will ever teach you, you will love more than what you ever expected to do. You will discover the human kind, you will be filled with energy, your soul will be nourished by the power of the earth. You will experience new food, new cultures. You will meet a community of wanderers and dreamers whom, like you, discovered a new feeling,  freedom.
A lot of things will change in your life while travelling but – more important – you will change.

10 awesome reasons why you should choose a life of travel

You start doing what you love the most, dedicate more time to your passions and give more importance to relationships. People you meet travelling are more than friends, they are your family and you know that this bond will never break.

Your studies, profession or nationality won’t matter anymore. The only important thing will be the experience that you are living, right there at that second.

And surprisingly it is all you need, suddenly you also realise that the memories you collected and that scenery in front of you are way more precious.

Leaving the comfort zone has been hard, but now that you did it nobody will stop you. You are ready to skydive from 12.000 ft high or eat a scorpion, everyday things in a traveller’s life.

Forget about mum’s recommendation ‘don’t take candies from strangers’. While travelling strangers are the only people keen on giving you a hand. If your van breaks down in the middle of nowhere, trust me, you won’t say no to a lift.

If you really want to do something you can do it. Of course you can, you are free from society, judgment and rules. You can realise all your dreams now.

You solve problems, iron clothes, cook, change tires and manage your finances like a Pro. Eventually, you truly graduate.

.. young and curious as you never felt before.

They say, ‘travel far enough and you will find yourself’. No quote could be truer. You are not what everyone wants you to be, not anymore. You are surrounded by people who loves you and truly appreciate you for what you are. No fancy clothes, no makeup and genuine happiness all over your face. There you are, the real you.


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