Australia: the beginning of the adventure

by Tanja

Australia, terra australis incognita, home of wonders like the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock. Here is where my life changed, my chapter #1: a long great adventure in a land where no two days are the same.

There is just so much wilderness in Australia. To be honest it has more things that can kill you than anywhere else in the world. Snakes, funnel-web spiders, redbacks, jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, sharks, crocodiles, frogs… even shells! Easy things to overcome when thinking about the beauty of this country and its people – the most friendly, easy going, population I’ve ever met.

For some, the idea of a long 30 hours flight to the other side of the world can be challenging. For me, it was pure excitement! Flying Qantas, the most Australian of airlines, I was looking at its red kangaroo on the tail wing with eyes full of wonder.

I had just landed in Sydney when I realised I was home. Nope, never been there before. It was a positive vibe, a good feeling that made me realise that Australia was the place to be, the exact place where my life would have changed.

On the road
Deadly spider, Sydney
Blue Mountains, NSW
Qantas red kangaroo

It was my first time travelling solo, no plans, a one-way ticket to Australia. Was I running? Yes. But – I soon found out – sometimes running is not too bad. You free yourself and you truly embrace adventures. Your life stops being a straight road. It becomes a sort of detour: no idea where it will lead you but sure thing is, you already know it will surprise you!

.. when did I meet Will? Too early for that. He’s packing his backpack right now.
Destination Sydney, Australia.

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