Bagni Sillo. In Liguria the perfect happy hour at sunset

by Tanja

The Liguria region is home to some of the most scenic drives in Italy. To reach the coast you must drive through the Appennini, a chain of mountains that cross the whole length of the country. Windy highways and green pined peaks against blue water backdrops are what make this drive special. You will be surprised by the architecture of the coastline and look in wonder at how they managed to build buildings on such extreme terrain. The Colourful houses and deep ascent into the sea are what define this part of Italy. To really soak in the atmosphere and beauty of the area I would highly recommend stopping off for a happy hour at sunset. And I have the perfect place for you. Your destination is Sori, a quiet seaside town with colourful buildings and clear blue water, located on the Ligurian coast between the famous Portofino and the city of Genoa.

happy hour at bagni sillo, liguria, italy
happy hour at bagni sillo, liguria, italy

Here, well hidden in the rocky cliffs, you will find Bagni Sillo, one of my favourite secret places. This tiny beach resort with stone terraces overlooking Sori’s bay has everything you can desire. Beach chairs, clear water (with steps to climb in and out), showers. But also tasty mojitos and local wines, occasional appetizers, typical focaccias, traditional Ligurian dishes and amazing sunsets.

happy hour at bagni sillo, liguria, italy
happy hour at bagni sillo, liguria, italy

Casual and intimate, Bagni Sillo is the perfect spot to spend a hot summers day. In this peacefull oasis, your time will slowly pass by while enjoying fresh swims and Ligurian goodies.

Note: prices here are not cheap, but it will be worth it!

bagni sillo, liguria, italy


Bagni Sillo is not easy to find, but once you do I guarantee that you will return. If you don’t have a car, the easiest way to get there is by train. The coastal railway stops in Sori and just outside the train station, on the left, a cobblestone pedestrian road leads you to a breath taking view of the sea. Follow the track down the steps until you reach the little stone terrace with the white sun umbrellas.

Reaching the Ligurian Coast from Milan is really easy, you just need to take a train to Genova Piazza Principe. Once in Piazza Principe take the train to Santa Margherita Ligure. This is a coastal railway which stops at every town along the coast, including your destination, Sori.

Enjoy! xx

happy hour at bagni sillo, liguria, italy
happy hour at bagni sillo, liguria, italy

Via Capo Tino
Sori – 16030 Genova
tel. +39 0185 701311

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