10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Travellers

by Tanja

The best gift for a traveller? A journey, or maybe not. Although, buying a trip or a plane ticket may seem like the winning card, it’s not always possible. It can be expensive, it takes time and you have to choose the right destination. Luckily for you there are many accessories, books and ideas you can give as a present that can help organising the perfect journey or, sometimes, even inspire it.

We made a selection of gifts for every kind of traveller, from the super-organised to the adventurer. They range from € 10 to € 1500, from the survival kit, which helps them to never get caught unprepared, to essential items like maps, accessories and, finally, the dream of every traveller: the Round the World Ticket, the ticket to fly around the world. Merry Christmas!!

Here are 10 gift ideas to make every nomadic soul happy.

Bamboo toothbrush – € 9.99

Those who travel love the environment and try to protect it with small daily actions. If you are looking for a gift idea for a sustainable traveller you can help them reducing their environmental impact while travelling by giving green products such as vegan bamboo, biological, 100% biodegradable toothbrushes. There are many types and colors! Alternatively you can present straws made of bamboo, glass or steel (perfect for smoothies, cocktails and any other kind of drink) or, maybe, a bottle, to help reduce the use of plastic water bottles.

Buy it on Amazon.it or on thehumble.coGift ideas for travellers

Travel Organizer Set – € 11

This Organizer Set is a very useful gift to help travelers optimise the space, keep the order in the suitcase and separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones. We tried it and it really changed our life! Especially during our backpacking trips, with easy-to-transport and not-so-easy-to-unpack backpacks. The set is made of bags of different sizes and different use and it’s great to quickly find everything you need (even in the backpack).

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Gift ideas for travellers
How to Pack for Any Trip – €12,50

Whether it’s a seaside getaway or a jungle trek, a weekend escape or months of exploring, this book will help your traveller friends packing the perfect suitcase for any kind of trip. In this little guide they will find tips, techniques, to do lists, tips for choosing the right luggage, illustrated instructions and the ideal travel kit for each destination.

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Anywhere travel guide – €13,60

75 cards to draw at random when you don’t know what to do somewhere and give you ideas of how to move the trip along: the cards advise you to stop a passerby and ask him what is his favorite way, to write on a piece of paper the things you liked most about a city and leave it in a random place, so that someone can find it and maybe do the same. Others will advise you to reach the highest place or to look for details between the walls of the city. Something worth trying!

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Gift ideas for travellers

Survival Kit – €26,55

Inside there is everything for those who love camping and the high mountains: compass, flashlight, mini light, knife, saw, climbing buckle, whistle, flint, scraper, tungsten steel pen, Swiss multitool card, emergency thermal blanket and all packed in a  black waterproof box.

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Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When – 32

What is the best time to visit that destination you have long dreamed of? Here is the essential tool to plan the perfect trip in every month of the year. From Uganda to Japan, from Australia to Costa Rica: over 360 destinations around the world and the exact indication of the ideal time to reach them. There is no shortage of charts, diagrams, photographs, information and suggestions. What better gift for a traveller?

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JBL bluetooth travel speaker – €34.99

What kind of life would it be without music? This little speaker is the perfect gift for travellers: small and light – it weighs only 200 grams – the battery lasts up to 5 hours, it can be recharged through a mini-usb cable and it’s also waterproof. You just need to connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or tablet to share your music with your travel companions anywhere in the world. We loved using it at the beach while singing along in front of bonfires with friends!

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Custom maps and posters – from €50

Sometimes the best gift for a traveller is a memory: his/her place of birth, his/her favorite location in the world, the city where he/she fell in love. Or maybe just a place that makes his/her heart beat every time someone mentions it. With Mapiful you can create a custom map of any place, country or continent. You can choose the color, size, writing and style! You can also add the coordinates!

Buy it on Mapiful.com

Gift ideas for travellers

Sony Alpha camera – €537

What do you give a traveller if not a camera to capture the most important moments of their travels? They range from compact digital cameras to SLR cameras, perfect for true photography enthusiasts.

Among the gifts for those travelling, however, the mirrorless is the way to go. They are a cross between compact and SLR cameras, with interchangeable lenses and are small, light and comfortable to carry with you everywhere you go. We have a Sony Alpha 6000 with which we are very happy (find out what else we have in our photo kit!!). Panasonic Lumix or Fujifilm are also excellent.

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Gift ideas for travellersAround the world – from € 1,500

And here we are at the round the world ticket, the travelers dream. This is a one-year ticket that includes up to 15 stages in a minimum of three continents, flying over the Pacific and the Atlantic only once. Among the sites that offer this ticket are Skyteam, Star Alliance and One World. The price varies depending on the chosen stages and the period in which you choose to travel, starting from around 1500 euros. To save money you can book through online agencies like Airtreks(the most famous) that, instead of relying on a single airline, choose the cheapest prices among all the available airlines!

Start planning on Airtreks.com

Gift ideas for travellers

As they say, thinking is what matters! Sometimes just a greeting card (maybe a travel theme) to remind someone – even remotely – that they are always in your heart! If you really want to impress your fellow travelers you can pack up a gift with themed cards, which can be found on Etsy!

Looking for other gift ideas for travel lovers?
Here are 10 more Christmas gifts for those who travel or would like to start doing it!

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