Summer Escape. A Guide to Milos, Greece

by Tanja

A mythological landscape, uncrowded fishermen villages and the bluest water in the Cyclades: our guide to Milos will take you around one of Greece’s best kept secrets. In this beautiful and unknown island we got lost driving along the coast, marvelling at the brilliant blue and aquamarine sea and daydreaming in front of the most breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea.

This remarkable discovery came from a random research on the web. We were searching for an early summer escape destination. Somewhere that felt a bit more real, less crowded and just as beautiful as the most famous Greek islands. Turns out that the volcanic Milos is the untouched Greek paradise we’ve been looking for and is just a 40-minute flight from Athens. The choice was made.

guide to Milos, Greece

We booked our flight and we headed to Greece, to discover this mineral-rich island, overlooked for a long time because of its mining industry. Thanks to its volcanic background, Milos has some of the most spectacular beaches of the Aegean. The minerals found in the island’s soils are also the reason why the white sandstone of Sarakiniko Beach looks like a lunar landscape, Gerontas Beach is lined in black volcanic sand and the red shores of Paleochori are heated by sulfur springs. After exploring island and surroundings for 10 days we are ready to share our favorite things to do and see, so check out our Guide to Milos, Greece.



Sarakiniko, is the most famous of the many beaches of Milos. Walking on its white limestone cliffs was like stepping on the moon’s surface. Holes, caves and strange hollowed out shapes have been carved in the volcanic rocks by the elements. A tiny beach of white sands create the perfect access to the blue sea. 

guide to Milos, Greece

Sarakiniko Beach


The small fishing village of Mandrakia is 4 km east of the capital, Plaka and 4km north of Adamas. The whitewashed houses are hollowed into caves in the rocks where the fishermen placed colourful doors to protect their boats. The smell of grilled fish invade the alleys and lines of octopus hang out to dry in the courtyards.

guide to Milos, Greece



Pаlеосhοri, оn thе sοuth соаst οf Milоs, is one of our favourite beaches. Both sand and cliffs are coloured in vivid red, due to the volcanic origin of the soil. The volcanic activity is also expressed in the warm underwater springs that can be found along the shore. 

guide to Milos, Greece

Pаlеосhοri Beach


The quiet Firоpοtаmos is bоth a fishing pοrt and а bеaсh with amаzing blue water. The small bay, sheltered by the winds, is the perfect placе where to relax among fishermen carrying out their daily activities.

guide to Milos, Greece

Firopotamos Beach


The best view of the charming little town of Klima is without doubt from the see. The multicolored two-storeyed houses were built by fishermen who built apartments over their brightly painted boat garages, the syrmata. A perfect place to stay if you want to get in touch with the local community. 

guide to Milos, Greece


From Klima, a hiking path crosses several eras and civilisations, stretching from the ancient Roman amphitheater to the early-Christian catacombs, past the spot where the famous statue of the goddess Aphrodite, aka the Venus de Milo (120 BC) has been discovered and up to the medieval mountainside town of Trypiti. Note: you can’t visit Trypiti without stopping for lunch in Ergina‘s – the owner serves his grandma’s traditional recipes.

guide to Milos, Greece


Above Trypiti is Plaka, a village with winding streets, a ruined castle and stunning views. Don’t miss the sunset from the Thalassitra church, the highest point on the island of Milos. From here you can admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in the archipelago.

guide to Milos, Greece

Thalassitra church, Plaka

Cruising around Milos. Day trip

We heard locals claiming ‘Milos has to be seen by water’ quite often during our first few days in the island. So we decided to head down to the port of Adamás and ask around. After a few minutes we were pointed to a gentle captain intent on keeping his vessel shining. A promising day trip was scheduled for the morning after and after a quick chat we decided to sign in. 

guide to Milos, Greeceguide to Milos, Greeceguide to Milos, Greece

The day after we sailed to the deep blue cave of Sikia and the beautiful Kleftiko, where robber-pirates used to hide in the caves. Snorkelling within huge white stone cliffs dropping down into cobalt water was outstanding. Sailing around the island we discovered hidden bays reachable only by boat and we sailed past the little village of Klima, beautiful from the water.

A little extra… Kimolos!

The short sail to the satellite island of Kimolos is definitely worth it. Here you will find hospitable people, rare beauty and authentic tastes: an island of simplicity and elegance. Deeply in love with this little hidden gem we decided to stay for a few days enjoying the peaceful solitude of our incredible accommodation: an ancient windmill sitting on top of a small hill, overlooking the sea. The boutique hotel The Windmill – located between the port of Kimolos and Chorio, the only village of the island – is the perfect base to explore this unspoiled destination. Prassa, Agios Georgios and Kalamitsi are just a few of the beautiful beaches of the island. Ferries to Kimolos depart daily from the port of Pollonia in Milos.

guide to Milos, Greece

The Windmill Kimolos


In high season, there are regular flights from Athens on Olympic Air, but these are small planes that have to be booked in advance. You can also reach Milos by boat from Athens (4.5 hours) or from Santorini. Once you are on the island the best way to go around is by scooter, you can rent one in Adamás.


The best time to visit Milos is around June (or early July). The days are long and the island is empty. Avoid the crowds of late July and August. 

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