Road trip songs for a morning drive

by Tanja

Ever wondered what the ultimate Road trip songs playlist for a morning drive looks like? What I love about driving is the feeling of freedom. I always try to turn my morning drive into “me time.” Every so often I prepare a playlist that follows me during different times of the day. With the sun rays shining through my window and a smile on my face I put together this Morning Drive Playlist and I want to share it with you in the hope to make your morning a little better; whether you’re driving, walking, biking, taking a train or a bus – here we go:

Vanessa Da Mata feat. Ben Harper- Boa Sorte

Vanessa de Mata feat. Ben Harper. The result is surprising: two people living on opposite side of the equator, speaking different languages, and singing the same song in duet.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine

I could fly you away with me
To the furthest place you’ll ever be
We could smoke ’til the sun goes down
And without a sound, without a sound
We’d fall asleep by the big blue sea
With open eyes so we could see
The way it shines for you and I
You know it’ll shine until we fly.

…love it.

John Butler Trio – Groovin’ Slowly

From his early days busking in the streets of Western Australia to headlining shows around the globe, John Butler won our hearts with his uplifting and powerful music.

Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun

Breathe, breathe in the air
Set your intentions
Dream with care
Tomorrow is a new day for everyone,
Brand new moon, brand new sun

… How could Xavier Rudd not be part of our Morning Drive Playlist?

Nneka ft. Joss Stone – Babylon

Joss Stone is flying across continents to understand, together with local artists, the language of music. Check out her jam session with Nneka in Lagos, Nigeria!

Alice Phoebe Lou – Walk on the wild side

The young and talented singer and songwriter from South Africa – Alice Phoebe Lou – has been performing on the streets of Berlin since 2013. Her music is a mix of folk and electronic, inspired by the likes of by Patti Smith and Portishead.

Miley Cyrus – Jolene

Miley Cyrus pay tribute to her godmother – country icon Dolly Parton – with this incredible version of Jolene.

Roo Panes – Open Road

What is your idea of Open Road? This group of young teachers travelled the world on an Ape Piaggio in the name of education. This fantastic project was chosen by singer and songwriter Andrew Roo Panes for the single Open Road. Sometimes traveling fast is not the best way to get to know the world and its people.

The Boy and His Dog – I’d be a Fool

I could listen to this calming composition all day long.

Sons of the East – Into the Sun

This indie-folk band from Sydney plays an original blend of keys, guitar, banjo and vocal harmonies. The perfect mix for a morning drive playlist.

Royal Messenjah ft. Joss Stone – The Gambia

Surrounded by crocodiles and under an almighty silk cotton tree, Joss Stone sings with Royal Messenjah in The Gambia with the aim to unite the country.

Alice Phoebe Lou & Matteo – RED

Alice Phoebe Lou performs the song Red with the Italian multi-instrumentalist Matteo Pavesi.

Whilk & Misky – Clap Your Hands

Some things are just meant to be. Whilk & Misky, for example. Their music fuses Nima’s brooding electronics with Charlie’s pinwheeling guitar and throaty vocals to make something like you’ve never heard before, a mix of techno, folk, electronica and the blues.


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