Snowshoeing in the Italian Alps with Sharewood

by Tanja

Snowshoes, snow-capped peaks and good mountain food: the perfect weekend discovering the stunning Italian Alps with friends.

We wanted to discover the mountains with new eyes, immerse ourselves in snowy landscapes and walk among the pines, far from ski lifts and ski tracks. When we received Sharewood’s invitation to try out their rental platform, we immediately took the opportunity to spend an alternative, low-impact and sustainable day on the snow.

We leave the skis at home and try out snowshoes for the first time. Feeling a bit clumsy, we start walking into the woods. The sounds are muffled by the snow, the sun is filtering through the trees. An intimate and slow contact with nature creates a strong bond between us and the wild and silent environment we are exploring. The focus is on the details, the small animal footprints, the branches crunching underneath the weight of the snow and the beautiful scent of pine.

Where and How to rent the Snowshoes

Renting snowshoes is very simple. Open the online platform, choose the place where you want to rent the equipment and it’s done! Why we chose Sharewood? Because Sharewood is a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share their sports equipment. On the Milanese start-up platform, you can rent bikes, skis, snowboards, surfboards, kitesurfs, windsurfs and adrenaline adventures including sled-dog in Trentino and surf lessons in Morocco! After conquering Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Finland, Albania, Greece, Morocco, Iceland, Norway, Indonesia, Costa Rica and soon Sri Lanka and Mexico, Sharewood is looking to the rest of the world, becoming a real reference for adventure travellers.

Our Itinerary with the Snowshoes

With the snowshoes at our feet, we take you to discover Foppolo, in the Brembana Valley. Here, you will find tracks suitable for everybody’s skills. From the easy itineraries that follow the ski slopes to more challenging ones, like the 1.5 hour track that leads to the Passo di Dordona. Its start is near the Rocky Hotel, where the CAI 202 path begins. The climb leads first to the Chalet Rovera, then to the Chalet Cornellini (1800 m.). In about an hour from the departure, you reach the small Dordona Lake, covered by snow, and the Dordona Pass (m.2061). Here the panorama sweeps over the nearby Valtellina and the Val Madre, up to the Disgrazia and Bernina mountains. Not far from the pass it is also possible to admire the remains of the Cadorna Line trenches, recently restored.

How to Dress for Snowshoeing

Walking with snowshoes is a simple activity suitable for everyone. But it is important to know how to dress for a snowshoe hike in the fresh snow. As in many other mountain sports, the main rule is to wear different moisture-wicking clothing layers, suitable waterproof trekking boots and sticks to help you walk. If you are going to walk in fresh deep snow it is good to wear gaiters, to keep snow out of your boots.

Snowshoeing was such an amazing experience? Did you ever try?
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