Visiting Cape Point & the Cape of Good Hope: the itinerary

by Tanja

It may not be the southernmost point of Africa – that honour goes to Cape Agulhas – but Cape Point, in the Cape Peninsula, certainly makes you feel as if you are standing at the edge of Africa. The sight here is spectacular, with towering stone cliffs, lush hills, wildlife and an endless ocean. If you want to fully experience the Cape Peninsula and its hidden gems then find out about the 7 things to do around Cape Point, Cape Town with our day trip itinerary to Cape Point.


1. Muizenberg

Ok, so Surf rules in Muizenberg. The beach break here is ideal for beginners and learning to surf has become the number one activity! If you are not a big fan of waves and great whites you still have plenty of reasons to visit this bohemian seaside village: shopping, street art, good coffee and the iconic multi-coloured beach huts of St James.

Things to do around Cape PointThings to do around Cape PointDistance from Cape Town CBD to Muizenberg: 27.2km (around 30 minutes) 

2. Kalk Bay 

The quiet Kalk Bay certainly is one of the best thing to do around Cape Point. The bay might be a little fishing village at heart, but it’s also one of Cape Town’s trendiest seaside villages. Bohemian atmosphere, hip cafes serving amazing coffee, antique shops and a fish market where proud locals show their catch of the day while friendly seals play in the water. For lunch stop at Kalkys: the best fish&chips in town!

Things to do around Cape Point

Distance from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay: 7.0km (around 15 minutes) 

3. Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town

Another thing to do around Cape Point is to stop at Boulder’s Beach to see these cute little guys. African Penguins – formerly known as jackass penguins because of their distinctive braying – are the only penguins found on the continent. While Boulders is obviously more attractive thanks to its white sand and clear blue waters as a backdrop, there are less crowded areas for viewing the penguins. Boulders Beach entrance fee: child R41, adult R76.

Things to do around Cape PointDistance from Kalk Bay to Boulders Beach: 12.3km (around 20 minutes) 

4. Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point Nature Reserve 

Surrounded by impetuous oceans and gusting winds, the Cape of Good Hope – Africa’s most south-westerly point – is a combination of brutal elements, history and stunning views. While at the Cape of Good Hope, keep an eye out for the zebra, baboons, eland and ostriches that roam here. This is a great spot for whale watching during the months of June to November. Visit the park early in the morning or get ready for a long cue to pass the entrance gate. Entrance fee Cape Point Nature Reserve: child R76, adult R147.

Distance from Boulders Beach to Cape Point Nature Reserve: 22.8km (around 34 minutes) 

5. The Lighthouse

The Cape of Good Hope is not the only reason to visit the Cape Point Nature Reserve! To have the best view over the Cape most of the visitors hike to the old lighthouse – a short but steep walk – or take the funicular railway. However, the path to the new lighthouse takes you away from the crowds and offers alternative (and more interesting) views. Reaching this point far out in the windy coast, we had the feeling of standing on the edge of the continent (a pretty boast-worthy claim, I know!) staring at the ocean spreading in front of us until Antarctica.

6. Chapman’s Peak drive

On the way back to Cape Town take the Chapman’s Peak drive, on the west coast, you won’t regret it! Overlooking Noordhoek and Hout Bay, this 9km rocky coastal roadway is one of the most stunning drives in the world with plenty of viewpoints to stop and soak in the mystic scenery. It has been one of the best surprises during our time in Cape Town and we can easily say that there are few better views in the world than what we saw on a late summer afternoon cruise along Chapman’s Peak Drive. This is one of the best things to do around Cape Point and also a perfect place from which to take stunning photographs of the Cape. The toll fee for using Chapman’s Peak Drive is about R31 per vehicle.

Things to do around Cape Point

Chapman’s Peak drive

Distance from Cape Point Nature Reserve to Chapman’s Peak drive: 44.5km (around 1 hour) 

7. Seaside towns

Along the coast from the Cape Point Nature Reserve to Cape Town we discovered an incredible number of seaside towns, beautiful beaches, surfer’s paradises.
Don’t miss: 

Scarborough, a nature lover’s haven

Misty Cliffs, a constant mist hangs over the small village nestled on the mountain slopes

Things to do around Cape Point

Kommetjie, one of the most beautiful and unspoilt settings in Cape Town

Things to do around Cape Point

Kommetjie Beach

Noordhoek, 8km stretch of beach favoured by surfers and horse riders

Hout Bay, a fantastic and lively sea-side neighbourhood in Cape Town 

Things to do around Cape Point

Hout Bay

Llandudno, our favourite, local and intimate. Stay for a sunset sundowner, aka happy hour!

Things to do around Cape Point

Llandudno Beach

Distance from Chapman’s Peak drive to Cape Town CDB: 27.4km (around 47 minutes) 

Getting to Cape Point and Around

There’s currently no public transport heading to Cape Point, so renting a car is the best way to explore the peninsula. Other options are: taxi/Uber – will take you on the same route as a self-drive and will cost around R450 for the vehicle or joining a tour. Check more transportation options of the official Cape Point website >>

Things to do around Cape Point
Have you ever been in the Cape Peninsula? Do you know more things to do around Cape Point?
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