5 Things to know before visiting Cape Town, South Africa

by Tanja

Cape Town has a multitude of things to see and do. The sights and scenery of South Africa are truly spectacular, the food is delicious and very reasonably priced and, to answer to one of the most popular questions, the country is safe to visit. However, it’s always best to learn a few things about your destination. Read on for 5 things to know before visiting Cape Town, South Africa.

1. Smile

The South African people are welcoming, friendly and very proud of their country. It really pulls on the heartstrings to see many of them living in shanty townships and walking miles each day to/from work and school but, hopefully, the government investment will continue in building proper accommodation to replace the shacks. One step a time, things are happening! Nevertheless, they remain friendly proud people who openly welcome you to their country, so don’t forget to smile back!

2. Water is a serious matter, especially in 2018…

Cape Town is suffering a severe drought, actually the worst in our history. So, while you’re having a great time, be sure to put into practice our water-saving tips consistently. Showers are only allowed once per day for no more than 90 seconds. You can use a bucket in your shower to catch excess water and use it to flush the toilet. Re-use your clothes as much as possible and use one towel for the duration of your visit. Lastly, flush the toilet as little as possible and carry hand sanitiser with you.

3. Uber is my religion and it should be yours too

Walking around after dark in South Africa is not a good idea. Period. Catch an Uber instead. The service is cheap, safe and exceptional. You can call your Uber car through the app and follow the car’s itinerary on the map. This makes Uber much safer than taxis (not trackable).

4. Going on a road trip is always a good idea

Renting a car and road tripping is the best way to see Cape Town and its surrounding area. Beautiful beaches, miles of wild coastline, Winelands and sand dunes. Don’t limit your stay to the city centre, explore the surrounding countryside to experience all that South Africa has to offer and you will want to return soon for more. Just remember South Africans drive on the left.
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5. Choose your hotel wisely

Lively hostels, delightful guesthouses and super luxury hotels, Cape Town has it all. But not every area is as safe as you might think. Kloof Street is perfect to have restaurants, bars and nightlife on your front door. For a quiet stay and a breathtaking view of Table Mountain from your bedroom window stay in Gardens. Hipster vibe and cool atmosphere are in De Waterkant. Want to be close to the beach? Pick SeaPoint or Camps Bay!


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