12 hours in Verona, Italy

by Tanja

Few cities in the world can be as romantic as Verona, the city of the unforgettable love story of Romeo and Juliet. With its charm and beauty, Verona is a well-known destination for lovers, but also the perfect city for a weekend with friends. Here you will find everything you may desire: a glorious history, culture, good food and a friendly environment. If you are planning to visit Verona in one day, here you will find the top sights and the ultimate walking tour to see them all!

Visit Verona in one day: 5 top sights

Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Verona is home to many remarkable historical sites. The first thing to visit is the city centre: fairly small and enjoyable. You can discover almost everything in one day by foot.

Our day started at the Castelvecchio Bridge (also known as Scaliger Bridge) which was built between 1354 and 1356 by the Lord of Verona, Cangrande II della Scala. It was constructed to grant him an escape from the annexed castle in case of a rebellion of the population against his tyrannic rule.

Following the main street, we reached Piazza Brà. In front of us stood the impressive amphitheatre. Built by the Romans as an Arena to host gladiator fights, the well-preserved monument is today home to Verona’s summer opera and jazz festivals. Do not miss a visit inside the Arena.

On the left side of the Arena, via Mazzini lead us to the city centre and the beautiful Piazza delle Erbe – once a Roman Forum. In the late afternoon, the square fills up with locals and tourists sipping their Aperitivo at the outdoor cafes. We stopped here for a typical ‘Hugo‘ (a drink made with elderflower syrup, sparkling wine, water, ice and fresh mint). Around us some of Verona’s most sumptuous buildings, including the baroque Palazzo Maffei.

Visit Verona in one day

Just off the Piazza delle Erbe, the Arco della Costa (Arch of the Rib) has had a whale’s rib hanging since the XVII century. Legend holds that the rib will fall on the first who has never told a lie. So far, it remains intact…

After this refreshing break, we decided to climb up Torre dei Lamberti, one of the few remaining “tower-residences”  which were symbols of the power of the noble families which lived in them in the Middle Ages. The tower, built by the powerful Lamberti family in 1172, offers amazing birds-eye views of the city!

Just beside the Lamberti’s Tower, we found Piazza dei Signori (the Lords Square), the old centre of power in Verona. The beautiful square is surrounded by the most important buildings of the former city government.

We ended our amazing day in Verona admiring the sunset from the Ponte Pietra, the oldest and most beautiful bridge in Verona. This Roman arch bridge, built in 100 BC, crosses the Adige Rivera. The famous Roman road ‘Via Postumia’ from Genoa to Aquileia passes over it.

Verona can be visited as an easy day trip from Milan or Venice. Departing from Venice, a fast train arrives in Verona in slightly more than one hour. The train journey from and to Milan lasts about 1h20.


Discovering Verona in more than one day

If you have more than one day to visit Verona you should definitively visit the Roman Theater, the Church of San Zeno and the Giardino dei Giusti, explore Lake Garda (just 30’ drive away) or perhaps attend one of the summer concerts held in the Arena.

Practical info:

Where to eat in Verona

Peperino Pizzeria
Piazzetta Municipio, 10
37121 Verona VR
tel. 045 802 9016
Here you will taste one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in northern Italy, but remember to book in advance!
Keep an eye on the menu for the Special Pizzas!!

Where to sleep in Verona

Airbnb “Le Labrene”
Via Breccia San Giorgio, 2
37129 Verona VR
A quiet and well-decorated apartment with two bedrooms located just beside the Roman Theatre and the Ponte Pietra. A 5-minute walk from the Cathedral and the walls of the historical centre.

How to visit Verona

Save up on the entry tickets with the VeronaCard, an all-inclusive city-pass that gives you free or reduced entry to the city main museums, monuments and churches together with free city bus rides. The cost is €18 for 24 hours and €22 for 48 hours.

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