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by Tanja
Work with us

Our Story

We are Tanja & Will.
In 2017 we created Ultimate Detours to talk about adventures and road trips and to share our experiences with a community of travellers whom, like us, believe that the best surprises happen spontaneously on the road, following old panoramic routes, pulling down a street that piqued their curiosity or stopping in the middle of nowhere to soak in the incredible views.

After three years exploring all that Oceania had to offer, we’ve returned to Europe and are currently based in Milan. But that doesn’t mean the adventures have stopped! We are travelling storytellers, photographers, drone pilots. We want to inspire our community of wanderlusters to get on the road and explore the unknown. Would you like to be a part of that?

Why partner with us?

The way of travel has changed. On-line search is increasingly popular amongst independent travellers. They want to read the personal experiences of people like them. Of people like us. With beautiful photography, our own voice and personal touch bring alive every place that we visit, product we use or experience that we have. And with our knowledge of blogging and SEO, your story will rank highly in search engines.

How can we collaborate?

work with us - ultimate detours
work with us ultimate detours
work with us ultimate detours

Do you have a website but don’t know how to write the right content? Need to promote a new product, hotel or adventure? We will create engaging contents to give the right value to your business. The article will also be promoted across of our social media and featured on our homepage.

Take us around the world with you and we will create a personalised and intriguing story about our experience! A good storytelling can’t be complete without some outstanding shots. Don’t worry, with our photography we will capture the real essence of the place.

Do you need a burst of wanderlust for your website? Our photography inspires travellers every day, creating an intimate introduction to places and adventures around the world. Would you like to purchase our travel shots for commercial or private use? Drop us an email and we will get in touch!


For collaboration enquires e-mail us at

Looking for an idea to promote your brand or a collaboration which isn’t in the list above? Drop us an e-mail, we will be happy to create personalised partnerships of all shapes and sizes.